arman sculpture unknown name

arman sculpture unknown name

arman sculpture unknown name

Armand P. Arman, Music Power No. sculptuuur van brons, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel.

eduardo chillida unknown name

Elogio del Horizonte (Eulogy to the Horizon), concrete a contemporary monumental sculpture, by Eduardo Chillida, at Gijon, Spain.

eduardo chillida unknown name

Eduardo Chillida sculptures at the end of the promenade, San Sebastian

richard serra

Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years, the Museum of Modern Art’s selective survey of the artist’s estimable career was presented in three discrete sections.

naum gabo unknown name

Naum Gabo "Linear Construction in Space (Variation) 1943 Lucite with nylon thread. Gabo was a sculptor and founder of the constructivist movement. Ethereal, delicate use of thread to create visually dense objects out of line.

anthony caro emma dipper

Sir Anthony Caro ‘Emma Dipper’, 1977 © The estate of Anthony Caro/Barford Sculptures Ltd Structure and Clarity: Room 11

eva hesse rope piece - 1970

Eva Hesse: Untitled (Rope Piece), 1970 - Whitney Museum of American Art (Source)