Annegret Soltau German artist Annegret Soltau constructs collage using photographs of her own face and body, stitched with black thread, con...

Top 10 Collage Artists: Hannah Höch to Man Ray

this picture is surreal because it is showing a teen loosing pieces from his face. This shows that he is either dying or falling apart. I choose this picture because it is the most satisfying and surreal one i could find. - Jorge Figueroa Block D.

18-Year-Old Creates Surreal Artworks to Express Emotions

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I like this as i think its unusual and captures the viewers attention. It also fits my theme of Power as in this picture the sim card is powering the person acting as a brain.

Violent Beauty Photography - 'Bruised Behind the Mask' Comments on Domestic Abuse (

Violent Beauty Photography

Paintings by Sandra Chevrier | | #art #paintings

Sandra Chevrier # update 2

Faces: Photos by Diana Chyrzynska Photo-manipulated series of self portraits.

Faces: Photos by Diana Chyrzynska Photo-manipulated series of self portraits. - this would be good for a idea of what I would like mine to look like - it also cool as the hands represent the face with eyes and lips.

Interior vs. Exterior- what lies beneath against what we see on top, could be interesting with how you view yourself and how others view you

Relationship between life and death. inside, outside: No information about this but it is two different photographs put together to create a half skull, half face image. That heavily relates to the theme of inside, outside and in between.

Japanese Noh mask~  I love the idea of a person's true identity breaking through and consuming the false identity.

Motohiko Odani - Malformed Noh-Mask Series Half Skeleton’s Twins: Tosaka, 2008

Television has been using their platform to talk about body image issues in young adults for years. The iconic show "One Tree Hill" showed a vulnerable side to sassy and sexy character Brooke Davis in Season 3 Episode 13.

What Makes You Beautiful

Digital manipulation by Anja Stiegler - REPUBLIC X

This image represents the hidden layers of his personality. He wears a metaphorical mask of a happiness he lacks s he knows this is the bets chance of protecting his family and himself from despair. The level of his confidence and self worth is lowered wh

DECHINKOS — visualgraphc: Feminism: It’s not what you think...

I love how such a simple design communicates such a powerful message: women from all walks of life are silenced. visualgraphc: Feminism: It’s not what you think - Lauren Lee