{ Mirror Symmetry Long Exposures of Night time Japan } - Shinichi Hagashi'

Magnificent Mirror Symmetry Long Exposures of Nighttime Japan

Japanese photographer Shinichi Higashi takes great long exposure shots of Tokyo and its urban architecture. The result is a series of “Graffiti of Speed ​​/ Mirror Symmetry” with talent that uses replication and symmetry to discover more.

Keira Knightly

Tagged with Keira Knightley. Keira Knightley played the role of Domino Harvey in the film Domino. Many people think Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman look alike. When you imdb Keira Knightley you will see she has had many starring roles.

Happy from Harajuku Tokyo - Pharrell Williams  #harajukuhappytimes #PharrelWilliams #Tokyo #HarajukuTokyo Your Phuket Thailand Vacation experts. www.phuketgolfleisure.com

Harajuku-themed music video improves Pharrell Williams' "Happy" with sumo, bears, and robots

David Lachapelle - Pamela Anderson: Miracle Tan (Shoes Portfolio Serie, 2004)

Available for sale from Staley-Wise Gallery, David LaChapelle, Pamela Anderson: Miracle Tan


Lingerie Shoot


Eye Candy, Black White, Lingerie, Beauty


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