hikoupikou patterns

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Mini-collection of surface pattern designs for license
This mini-collection of a hero design and three coordinates was inspired by woodland plants and foraging for natural treasures. How would you use them?
Mini collection of surface pattern designs for licensing
The mini collection of a hero repeating pattern and three coordinates were inspired by explorations of lichen, their shape, colour and texture. How would you use them?
four different patterns with the words niku pikou on them
Woodland pattern mini-collection
The foliahe hero pattern and three coordinates to mix and match for all sorts of print
pink rain drops on a blue background with the words hikiu phou above it
Dancing droplets pattern
Dancing droplets or scattered seeds, this coordinate pattern is full of movement and depth
a blue and yellow striped pattern with the words hihou phou on it
Vertical Lines Pattern
Inky hand drawn lines, could be a winter forest, could be rain... on a background of subtle yellow texture
an abstract pattern with white flowers on a gray and light green background, suitable for wallpaper or fabric
Whimsical Toadstool Pattern
A simple pattern of grouped mushrooms on a grey speckled background with little points of zingy yellow
a blue and white pattern with pink flowers on it's side, the words hihou phou
Woodland Foliage Hero Pattern
This repeating pattern makes think of looking for treasures on the forest floor. Magic little natural things to put in my pocket.
four different patterns with blue and yellow colors
Lichen patterns mini-collection
This mini collection of patterns are inspired by the shape, texture and colour of lichen.
a yellow background with small cartoon animals on it
Yellow Lichen Blobs Pattern
A repeat pattern created from drawings of lichen to make a fun organic design
an abstract blue and green pattern with the words think about it in white letters on top
Twirling Abstract Pattern
Are they leaves? Birds? A bold abstract design that has a mid-century aesthetic
an abstract green and blue pattern with the words hihou phou on it
Vertical Lichen Pattern
A repeating pattern inspired by the shapes and colour of lichen
A stacked pattern of bold yellow leaf shapes are set against a rich textured background in layered blues and greens
Lichen Hero Pattern
Exploring the shapes, colours and textures of lichen this pattern and mini collection was born