Modern ** The Greatest Gutter Guards for Your House

The Best Gutter Guards for Your Home

cleaning out gutters is a miserable, messy, stinky job. installing gutter guards could put that headache behind you, but how the heck are you supposed to know which type to buy? in this article, we’ll examine the three most popular types of gutter guards:

Extension & Alterations, Great Missenden

Extension & Alterations, Great Missenden

another amazing skylight/window treatment Jane Duncan Architects in Amersham - Extensions / Alterations - Great Missenden - Contemporary facelift

Everything you need know to build your own awesome shed! If you double or triple it, it could become an ideal small home.

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How to make a cricket for a chimney saddle

Article about framing a roof saddle to prevent water leakage where the roof meets a chimney.

Roof Windows, Loft Ladders and Skylights | FAKRO, our products, Fakro - offer, sun light tunnel

Attic ladders, Skylights and Roof Windows from FAKRO, our products, offer, FAKRO - light tunnels

reinforced corners

Timber frames by expert timber frame builders. College cafeteria frame with hemlock and douglas fir timber, steel bolts & plates, and traditional joinery

No Chimney Cricket; the damn that forms and the damage it causes if you don't have one.

7 Roof Problems and What to Do About Them

No Chimney Cricket A wide chimney forms a dam on your roof. Debris builds up…

Understanding your Residential Roof Replacement Estimate #7: Chimney Crickets

Understanding your Residential Roof Replacement Estimate Chimney Crickets

metal roof installation | Metal Roofing Installation Metal Roofing Installation

Metal Roofing Sydney is re-material re guttering & top repair masters for metal, tile asbestos tops.