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Zulu warrior armed with the iklwa stabbing spear (assegai) and iwisa club (knobkerrie). His kilt is of genet tails. " Visit page View image

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Visit an authentic Zulu kraal, Shakaland, and watch the day to day activities of the people of this village. Learn the A to Z of Zulu life from the people living it. Enjoy a traditional lunch in the kraal and watch the Zulus perform their local triba

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Zulu warrior in full regimental regalia c. 1860 with full size war shield. Upper body and shins are decorated with cow tails, kilt is from a spotted cat, headband of leopard band and flaps and ostrich and crane plumes.

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The Misunderstanding Africans Have About Africans Born In America


Zulu man performing traditional warrior dance Wonder if this will go with everything?