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This board is filled with lots of helpful tips and advice for the first time dog owner. I am a dog trainer and behavior consultant and I am here to help you raise a fantastic dog, no matter where in the world you live. Check out my website Dog Parenting 101 for more information!

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It is safe for your dog to wear a leash in the house during the day for training purposes, also known as umbilical cord training. However, it is not safe for him to sleep with it on. #dogtraining #dogtraininghelp #housetraining Pet Sitters International, Umbilical Cord, Cute Dog Photos, Dog Games, Pet Costumes, Training Your Dog, Dog Owners, Dog Mom, Pet Care

Is It Safe For a Dog to Sleep With a Leash On? | Dog Parenting 101

A leash is such a powerful tool. Not only is it the best and safest way to walk your dog, it can be used to house train your dog, stop him from jumping up on

Whether or not you have children in the home, your dog will encounter them at some point. If he's afraid of them here's what you can do to help.  #fearfuldog #helpfultips #socialiseyourdog Dog Health Tips, Dog Health Care, Pet Sitters International, Group Of Dogs, Cute Dog Photos, Dog Anxiety, Dog Games, Animal Antics, Separation Anxiety

How to Help a Dog Afraid of Kids: The Essential Do's and Don'ts | Dog Parenting 101

It's a beautiful thing to raise dogs and children together, and to witness that growing bond throughout the years. Not only do they have a lifelong best friend,

Teaching a dog to come when you call him is one of the most important things you can do. One day it could save his life. #dogsafety #trainyourdog #wellbehaveddog Dog Health Tips, Dog Health Care, All Dogs, Best Dogs, Animal Antics, Dog Safety, Guide Dog, Parenting 101, Dog Behavior

How to Teach a Dog to Come When Called: A Simple Guide | Dog Parenting 101

Training your dog to come, or recall as it is also known, is one of the most important things you can teach him. It could, literally save his life one day.

Have you ever tried to take the bowl away from your dog while he was eating? Has it almost cost you a limb? That's food aggression and here's what to do about it. #aggressionindogs #aggressivedog #resourceguarding #trainyourdog Dog Health Tips, Pet Health, Health Care, Pet Sitters International, Pet Dogs, Pets, Doggies, Aggressive Dog, Dog Training Tips

The Do's and Don'ts of Dealing With Food Aggressive Dogs | Dog Parenting 101

If you've ever tried to take the bowl away from your pup while he's still eating from it and nearly lost your hand…that's a food aggressive dog. Varying feeding

I know, from experience, how stressful walking a leash aggressive dog can be. I also know how great it is to get them to the point where a walk can be relatively stress free. #leashaggression #leashtraining #leashwalking Leash Aggression, K Om, Dog Anxiety, Aggressive Dog, Dog Training Tips, Leash Training, Training Schedule, Potty Training, Old Dogs

How to Walk a Leash Aggressive Dog – The Right Way! | Dog Parenting 101

Walking a leash aggressive dog can be a challenge, and because of that many don't get walked at all. They are allowed out in the backyard where they have little

Watching a fat dog struggling to walk is a truly heartbreaking sight. The good news is, a trip to the vet, a proper diet and exercise will make a world of difference. #exerciseyourdog #fatdogs #doghealthandwellness Fat Dogs, Group Of Dogs, Guide Dog, Dog Activities, Types Of Dogs, Homemade Dog Treats, Dog Care Tips, Proper Diet, Dog Recipes

How to Help A Dog Lose Weight: A Practical Guide | Dog Parenting 101

Have you ever seen a fat dog waddling while on a walk? The poor thing looks so uncomfortable he can barely move, panting with each step he tries to take. In

If your dog pees, or maybe I should say dribbles, every time someone walks in the door or it's play time, you're going to want to read this #dogbehavior #peeinginthehouse #helpfultips Dog Health Tips, Dog Health Care, Dog Pee, Animal Antics, Dog Boarding, Working Dogs, Dog Behavior, Dog Training Tips, Dog Accessories

Here's the RIGHT Way to Stop a Dog From Excitement Peeing | Dog Parenting 101

It's quite common for a puppy to lose control and pee when excited. Most will grow out of it, but since you don't know if your dog will, there are things you

There are lots of reasons why a dog will chew, so before you can stop it you need to know why it’s happening. #dogchewing #puppychewing #dogbehavior Dog Health Tips, Dog Health Care, Dog Training Tools, Animal Antics, Dog Hacks, Dog Chews, Dog Boarding, Dog Behavior, House

How to Stop a Dog Chewing Everything | Dog Parenting 101

Dear Hindy, We adopted Zac a few months ago, and we love him to pieces. The problem is he's a chewer, and he isn't fussy about what he will chew. He has lots of

There are 2 things you need to know in order to buy the perfect size dog crate. Your dog's measurements and what you'll be using the crate for. #dogcrate #cratetraining #dogproducts Dog Training Tools, Online Dog Training, Crate Training, Training Your Dog, Agility Training, Dog Agility, Puppy Care, Pet Care, Dog Crate Sizes

Buying a Dog Crate? 2 Tips to Get the PERFECT Size | Dog Parenting 101

A crate is so much more than just a housetraining tool. It's a cozy home for your dog to escape to when things get too hectic, it will keep him safe in the car,

What can be more heartbreaking then hearing your dog bark and cry when left alone? How about seeing the destruction that anxiety has caused? Here are ways you can help. #separationanxiety #stressedoutdog #anxietyindogs Dog Separation Anxiety, Dog Anxiety, Pet Sitters International, Facebook Dog, Dog Health Tips, Left Alone, Dog Barking, Parenting 101, Old Dogs

Here's How a Dog Trainer Can Help with Separation Anxiety | Dog Parenting 101

What can be more heart breaking than a dog running from room to room, frantically looking for his people, and not finding them. There are varying degrees of

Teaching your dog "drop it" is an important command for him to learn, so start as soon as possible. It could one day save his life. #dropit #dogsafety #trainyourdog Dog Health Tips, Pet Health, Pet Sitters International, Group Of Dogs, Cute Dog Photos, Dog Games, Dog Safety, Pet Costumes, Dog Recipes

How to Teach Your Dog to "Drop It" in 3 Simple Ways | Dog Parenting 101

You're walking in the park and suddenly you see something hanging out of your dog's mouth. Is it a dead animal? A chicken bone? You're in the family room at

Are all pools okay for dogs to swim in, or can your dog actually ruin your pool? #dogswimming #swimwithyourdog #dogsafety Pet Sitters International, Dog Ramp, Group Of Dogs, Cute Dog Photos, Dog Safety, Old Dogs, Ruin, Dog Friends, Pet Care

Can a Dog Swim in a Pool With a Liner? | Dog Parenting 101

Taking your dog swimming is such a wonderful thing to do. Not only is it fun, it's great exercise for dogs of all ages and very beneficial for old dogs with

One of the keys to having a great road trip with your dog is planning and list making. This guide will help ensure you have an awesome time together. #travelingwithdogs #greatadvice #travelwithdogs Dog Health Tips, Pet Health, Pet Sitters International, Dog Ramp, Cute Dog Photos, How To Treat Anxiety, Guide Dog, Dog Travel, Dog Boarding

How to Enjoy a Road Trip with Your Dog: The Complete Guide | Dog Parenting 101

Everyone is so excited about the upcoming road trip with the dog, especially because it's the first time he'll be joining you!! I have a lot of experience

I know the thought of crate training can seem overwhelming, but with these 5 easy steps I've got you covered! #cratetraining #housetraining #trainyourdog Crate Training, Dog Training Tips, Pet Sitters International, Group Of Dogs, Pet Sitting, Pet Costumes, Dog Recipes, Dog Boarding, New Puppy

5 Easy Steps to Crate Training a New Puppy | Dog Parenting 101

Many of my clients were interested in crate training, but shied away from it because they thought it was too hard. Once I shared them these 5 easy steps to crate training a new puppy they couldn't get over the amazing results!!

Dogs always look so happy when they're chewing on a bone, mine certainly does. Is it okay to give them one every day? #doghealthandwellness #dogsafety #keepyourdogsafe Puppy Care, Pet Care, Pet Sitters International, Natural Dog Food, Natural Foods, Group Of Dogs, Dog Health Care, Dog Diet, Dog Safety

How Often Should a Dog Chew a Bone? | Dog Parenting 101

As a dog lover, giving your dog chunky bones to chew on feels like an excellent way to keep him happy. Most pictures of happy dogs often show them holding a

Did you know more than 50% of people who travel in a recreational vehicle bring their dog with them? This packing list, which is also downloadable and printable, will ensure you bring everything your pup needs. #travelingwithdogs #travelingwithpets #roadtripwithdogs Pet Sitters International, Emergency Hospital, Caravan Holiday, Dog Travel, Dog Runs, Pet Costumes, Parenting 101, What To Pack, Pet Health

CHECKLIST: What To Pack for a Caravan Holiday with a Dog | Dog Parenting 101

Would you believe over 1 million Americans live in recreational vehicles full time, and over 40 million regularly go RVing ? Did you know more than 50% of