floating shelves on hidden fixings. Chubby shelves for either side of fireplace.

Above electricity cupboard, put dvds on? Chubby floating shelf alcove cupboard by Peter Henderson Furniture, Brighton, UK

When you sit on the couch, you're back is to the door, or at least the camera anyways. Also the colors are very cool and neutral, which for could drain energy from some people.

Pink as modern and sophisticated... (The New Victorian Ruralist)

Modern pastel living room in white, beige, and neutral blush pink - Living Room Ideas & Decor

living room - green and brown, texture, area rug, natural wood...love the colors...just lovely...

28 Green And Brown Decoration Ideas

the baskets are wonderful.living room - green and brown, texture, area rug, natural wood.love the colors.

brown and orange are colours we like, also the lamp is secretly screaming my name!


From muted tones to ravishing accent pieces, there’s something to suit every taste and style. Here’s the complete guide to living room colour schemes.