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Cross stitch ideas Maryleen Schiltkamp Islamic pattern june 9 2009 Good example of a geometric pattern,hand drawn.

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Richard Henry – Unmayyad Pattern Islamic Geometric Designs Thought id post this for people who want to know how to sketch these amazing patterns :) im buying this book… Click:.

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Designs for tiles in Islamic style

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emptycase: Gerard Caris “PC So exciting! Terrific challenge to turn it into a pieced quilt top. There is so much going on in this quilt, you cannot see them in only one look.

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Muslim rule and compass: the magic of Islamic geometric design

geometrymatters: “ Islamic design is based on Greek geometry, which teaches us that starting with very basic assumptions, we can build up a remarkable number of proofs about shapes.

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The natural division of the circle into regular divisions is the ritual starting point for many traditional Islamic patterns. The pattern above th century) from Yazd in Iran is derived from six regular divisions of the circle.


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