Vintage photographs chopped up into perfect little diamonds, mixed up with each other, and then rearranged into new dizzying images. Today’s lovely touch of vertigo is brought to you by Californian artist Allison Diaz.

AP Studio Art project by Sucha Chantaprasopsuk of Reavis High School - beautiful work!

Phenomenal Fruit Drawings: AP Studio Art

In these works the enlarged realistic forms take on an almost abstract quality. providing opportunity for stunning mark-making and subtle variation in tone.

One of my favorite discoveries at 'Away We Go' by Zoey Riley

Newsprint, stamps and sheet music blend into the world map of Zoey Riley's "Away We Go.

Silhouettes of passers-by in the Raval, Barcelona by Geoff, just beautiful!

Street Scene Silhouettes A collage of silhouettes of pedestrians in the Raval district of Barcelona as an example of original photography of a Spanish steet scene and Barcelona cityscape.

Michael Lang (UK) lemony goodness and background colors.

This painting shows a strong example of impasto. The yellow is a bright hue. The background shows a variety of saturation and value Agitated Realism, Study Lemon by Michael Lang

Shatter Traditions.

"Intoxicated Drawing" by ~golfiscool Traditional Art / Drawings / Still Life (shattered, broken bottle of liquor jack daniels whiskey )

Vintage strobe light photographs are a beautiful ‘Anatomy of Motion’.   #Harold Edgerton #Stroboscope #Photography

1954 by Harold Eugene Edgerton Diver Bert West flips backwards in a multiflash shot that lasted less than half a second. West engaged Harold E. Edgerton to assist him in preparing a manual for divers.

A New Perspective of the Day: Shattering Flowers - Cheezburger

A New Perspective of the Day: Shattering Flowers

In his latest series titled "Rapid Bloom," German photographer Martin Klimas captured these spectacular high-speed photographs of shattering flowers that had been dipped in liquid nitrogen and dried with an air gun.

Breadth Idea Mixed Media Still Life - subject matter in color- done in oil pastel or colored pencil- all other objects done in ebony pencil. Emphasis/composition/color/value (shading)

Sarah Sze. On works like Notepad, the artist writes, "I am interested in an object or image that plays with the state of its own existence; for example, a pad of paper that is carefully printed rather than mass produced, or a collage that seems to be falling apart as much as coming together, in other words, its parts are holding the picture plane together and yet still maintaining their identity (as a rock or an envelope)." or a notepad....(quote from Sarah Sze: Infinite Line exhibition…

Notepad, Sarah Sze, Color offset lithograph and laser engraving bound as composition pad, Whitney Museum of American Art

Photo installations by Annette Messager

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I love when things get taken apart and then put together in a much more orderly fashion than the original assembly. #OCD

Toronto-based photographer Todd McLellan has created "Things Come Apart," a photo collection of disassembled technology like chainsaws, pianos, clocks, cam