10 Rules to Sex-Up a Blind Date

#CosmoRedHotRead No 2! Interior design journalist Tally Gladstone is on the look out for the Ultimate Hot Date, no strings attached... But after a super-hot one night hook up with Brent O'Neill in a luxury London hotel suite she discovers that super-hot can lead to super-complicated! Especially if you've got 50k Twitter followers and a bad habit of Tweeting first & thinking later. #hot #sexy #romance #fiction
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"Walking back into the bedroom, he spied Tally, flopped face down on the bed. The sheet rode low barely covering the slope of her ass - and teasing him with the reminder of how perfectly those lush butt cheeks fitted his hands."

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Chris Hemsworth. Also inspiring... Brent O'Neill is a cross between Hemsworth & Tatum (in case you haven't guessed)... No there are no threesomes in this book... (yet)

Chris Hemsworth The most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen! He is so handsome and ruggedly sexy!

Channing Tatum. Inspiring.... For so many reasons!

Mike from the film Magic Mike played by Channing Tatum. He's hot. He had me at 'It's Raining Men'.

Going down.... Way on down.

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Tate Modern, London... A real date.

Tate Modern Extension, London gallery building - design by Herzog & de Meuron Architects - New Tate Modern Expansion: architecture, art gallery images

Waking up...

masterphoenyx: “ Wrapping My arms about you and inhaling your sweet scent is the best part of My day. I love you angel. sleep well and dream of us. ” ~ Your arms around me is the best part of mine.


I want to hear you moan in my ear as I'm feeling you deep inside. I want to hear your heavy breathing with each throbbing push into u