Avengers Assemble.... Oooh yeah, come and assemble over here boys!

BERRY hot men: Random hotties (29 photos)

tom hardy.

Afternoon eye candy: Tom Hardy (34 photos)

Ryan Gosling...wow

Afternoon eye candy: Ryan Gosling (31 photos)

Chris Hemsworth... Hell yeah!

Chris Hemsworth is the star of Thor and Snow White and the Huntsman. He is known for his long, chin-length blonde hair. Hemsworth in character

the Utlimate Alpha Male!  Clark Gable by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Clark Gable on the set of San Francisco by Alfred Eisenstaedt, (My great-grandfather was asked to be Clark's double, but turned it down. My great-grandfather was much better looking than Clark anyways.

Love means... Never having to bathe alone!

Dylan picked up her hand and stroked his rough palm over her soft delicate fingers. Her back pressed against his naked chest in a Jacuzzi tub full of effervescing bubbles. It was romantic and she was sexy.

The new Christian Grey.... Am starting to warm to him (excuse the pun!)

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"Being a real man doesn't mean you have sex with of girls, it means you fight for one girl even when 99 others are chasing after you." Very true.