Sleepless in London

My Bad Boy novella for Tule Publishing... About a bad boy with a good heart and a good girl with a filthy mind. And what happens when she decides to break her Valentine's Day curse in smokin' hot style.
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Cal has a tattoo... Just saying.

Tattoo and Buns-buns-buns hairstyles-buns for short hair-buns for long hair-buns for medium hair-top knots-top knots for short hair-top knots for long hair-top knots for medium hair-top knot bun

The sensual smile was both promise and provocation. “I’m going to have to punish you for teasing me like that, Rosie.”

An erotic guide for couples interested in cultivating sexual desire, passion and peak sexual experiences in their marriage or long-term relationship.

Her back butted against the wall of the tiny office, as he stepped closer, and lifted his arm above her head to cage her in.

Oct my love. There is that moment right before a kiss. We been there several times. I think of kissing you all the time . hope you have a great morning and know the love of your life is just a text away.

So I want a remake of The Outsiders and I think Liam or Chris Hemsworth would be a good Darry Curtis

Just like any other teenager: Miley Cyrus suffers from a bad skin day as she visits fiancé Liam Hemsworth on set

So I want a remake of The Outsiders and I think Liam or Chris Hemsworth would be a good Darry Curtis

Cal Landry... A bad boy with a good heart (and a filthy mind).

Liam Hemsworth: Miley Cyrus Is "Extremely Strong, Intelligent, Supportive"

Liam Hemsworth Covers ‘Men’s Health’ September 2012 Liam Hemsworth shows off his bulging bicep on the cover of Men's Health's September 2012 issue.

And wavy hair that touches his collar... Not unlike the Cav. Here.

Henry Cavill-This guy ranks right up there with Mr. He's from the Tudors-He'll be Superman and you will LOVE him

Who knew such a cute drink could give you such a homicidal hangover. #StrawberryDaiquiri

Strawberry Daquiri: cup pureed sweetened frozen strawberries cup crushed ice 1 cup white rum [I wouldn't recommend using dark or spiced rum] 4 teaspoons sugar cup fresh lime juice - makes 4 cocktails

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