Tempting the Knight

From TulePublishing #2 in The Fairy Tales of New York series: ... Loosely based on Rapunzel, featuring a former wild child/model who takes a break from her Ivory Tower with a hard-working legal aid attorney on his housebarge in Brooklyn over one hot sexy Labor Day weekend...
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Ty & Zel in the Prologue:  She lifted her chin and stuck her tongue out at him, swaying her hips for all she was worth. He went rigid, those forbidding brows drawing down in anger. Up yours, arsehole. Like I care what you think of me. The emerald glare went nuclear as he gripped his knee, the knuckles whitening as the grey fabric of his suit pants wadded up under his fist and he exercised every last ounce of his self-control to keep from leaping up and doing… Something! # hot #romance #Jamie

The new Christian Grey, ladies 50 Shades Of Grey Movie Jamie Dornan. I approve ;

Tyrone 'High and Mighty' Sullivan, her knight in battered denim.  The unwanted pulse of awareness hit Zel in the solar plexus.  As her knight shifted to sign a sheet of paper handed over by the sergeant, she noted the magnificent width of his shoulders. Now in his early thirties, he’d gotten a lot more solid than the last time she’d seen him, scowling at her as she waited her turn to get eviscerated by the Mother Superior on her fateful, final day at St. J’s.  #romance #goodguy #JamieDornan…

50 shades of Jamie Dornan. (Katiquette)

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Grab hold... #sexy #romance #hot

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"When it comes to cross examining hostile underwear... I think you'll find I'm extremely thorough...." Ty to Zel... #hot #romance #sexy #panties

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'I want my shirt back.' #sexy #romance #hot #erotic

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Ripping away her panties, he pulled her up until he sat on the bed and she straddled him. Large hands bracketed her hips, encouraging her, directing her, as she sank down. #hot #romance #sexy #couples

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She tugged her hands from his grip and sank her fingers into his food encrusted hair to draw his mouth down to hers. She licked and nipped against the seam of his lips, until he opened for her. Thrusting her tongue inside, she directed the kiss, until his tongue tangled with hers and a dance of dominance and surrender began. #hot #romance #sexy #couple

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Zelda Madison: "An American ambassador’s daughter who’d had every privilege known to man—and woman—and every natural gift God could have given her. And she'd  thumbed her nose at it all to indulge in an endless cycle of hedonistic parties, public lover's spats, drunken antics, and reckless misdemeanors." #badgirl #romance #NewYork #KieraKnightly

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