Too Close for Comfort

My first #HarlequinKISS novel due out in June 2013. The story of drool-worthy Mexican-American private investigator Zane Montoya and Iona MacCabe, the feisty Scottish girl he catches breaking into a motel room in Morro Bay! Uh-oh I can see this situation getting very hot indeed.
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Too Close for Comfort (Harlequin Kiss): Heidi Rice: 9780373207176: Books

Up close, and way too personal! Breaking and entering is hardly her style, but Iona MacCabe needs her passport back from her ex's motel r.

Santa Cruz, CA... Site of their first date..

Santa Cruz, California - spent countless summer days here.

UK Modern cover!

UK Modern cover!

Zane cooling off....

Yesterday was my birthday and for some reason people kept sending me hotties. *shrug* You know I'm all about sharing. Well you can look anyway. Which hottie do you want for your birthday?

Iona MacCabe, cute, feisty and in a lot of trouble!

Beautiful girl - I've always wanted red hair

Another  view of Zane's house.

Another view of Zane's house.

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