Forever Aloe Nourishing Serum preserves and replenishes your skin's moisture to maintain a beautiful complexion.

Sonya Aloe Nourishing Serum - Lightweight serum that preserves and replenishes your skin’s moisture to help maintain a youthful complexion. Contains aloe, white tea and mimosa bark extracts.

💚There can be many ways🗺️ to get what you want, don't be rigid on how to get there #lifejourney💞

Why is exercise vital? 💪 Exercise among many other perks: improves your posture 🙇 reduces stress 😊 increases your energy 👯 What gets you motivated?

Do you keep a food diary? 🤔 Make sure you review it regularly, highlighting areas you think you could improve.

Doctors, patients, and readers are often completely confused about fat, clinging to misguided misinformation that prevents them from understanding the latest science to lose weight and achieve optimal health.

🌐Life is full of unanswered questions❓- learn to live accepting that you will never understand everything. #positivevibes #lifelesson💞

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Season your meals with #herbsandspices,🍲 rather than salt. What is your favourite way to add flavour to your meals 😋?

SHORT ABSTRACT The word “salad” comes from the Latin word “sal” which means salt. This is so, because the main ingredient in the dressing was salt. Today, salads are served and eaten at any point d…

🌝You aren't🌝 liable for fixing all that is broken.⚡️💔😍You do not have to try & make everyone else happy.😁😁😁 For now, take time out for you.

The agony you feel today will be the strength 👍you feel tomorrow. What have you been through that has created a stronger you?

✨#youcanmakeit If it is important to you, you will always find a way🏞️. If not, you will find an excuse. #motivation #lifechanging💚

🤓If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting. Make a change! 📖Never depend on the world changing things on your behalf💭. What are you going to change?

Your #body is much like a car 🚗, if you put #goodfuel ⛽️ in, you can go for miles & miles. How are you fuelling yours this morning?

15 Tasty Avocado Toast Recipes Avocado toast that’s nutritious, easy to make, and totally drool-worthy.

The 👍 simplest way to hydrate 💦 your #skin is to keep your body hydrated, so drink plenty of water! How many glasses of #water do you have a day?

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🌞😚Morning tip; Despite the fact that it might feel distressing to go to work with oily hair, it is crucial that you let your hair replace some of it's natural oils; achieve this by washing every 3 days instead of 1 or 2, on the third day tie your hair in a braid or cover with a hair piece to mask oiliness -if doable it is also more handy to dry your hair with a soft t-shirt instead of a towel to prevent breakages. Upload your hair selfies #morningoil 📸

🌛💁Before blow drying your evening hairdo- apply volumizing spray to the roots and blow dry upwards with a round-head brush. Leave the house with extra oomph in your hair. Are you jealous of big hair?

How are you maintaining an active lifestyle? #Protein with every 🍗 meal is a good choice to make, particularly if you are working out regularly.

Do you enjoy preparing your own food? I share 2 fun recipes for you to cook just for the joy of it. Enjoy the process, then enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Bit of a #caffeine fiend ☕️? Substitute your regular teabag for herbal or green teas and cut out those spoonfuls of sugar! One teaspoon of sugar is 15 calories. How many calories could you cut each year if you gave up the sugary tea?

☕️Bit of a fiend? Substitute your normal teabag for green or herbal teas and cut out those spoonfuls of sugar! One teaspoon of sugar is 15 calories. How many calories could you cut each year if you gave up the sugary tea?

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