The Barger Family: Out of the World: Discover the Moon and Space Ships

Make with Noah's Ark instead of Aliens Love Underpants Space Ships.animals in circle & brown bottom for boat

Day 4 - Play Dough  Aliens Love Panta Claus Play Dough |

Aliens Love Panta Claus Play Dough

We are huge fans of the Aliens Love Underpants series. Choosing our favourite Christmas story was easy. We created Aliens Love Panta Claus Play Dough.

Find all the pairs totalling 10. A simple warm up game, to find all the pairs to 10 as quickly as possible.

Think I will make this from card as a game to play on the Maths Shelves!

Aliens and Underpants

Here are 2 games that go along with "Aliens Love Underpants" by Claire Freedman. Count the underpants the each alien has and stamp the correct number on the recording sheet.