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Bring in your own designs and have your tattoos custom made or choose from one of our studio designs drawn by a renaissance artist.

Deer skull & flowers

Deer skull & flowers this is exactly what I want at the base of my feathers on my left calf

Skull and Roses by *rodgerPISTER on deviantART

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half sleeve, black and white skull, watercolor flowers, dragonflies instead of birds, lace design throughout

i'm imagining this as a tattoo. half black and white with only the flowers in color. I like what this person said, it's a good idea for the tattoo.

Damien Hirst & Alexander McQueen Collaboration - in fact can be a nice tattoo idea! skull of butterflies maybe a watercolor tattoo

In celebration of the anniversary of the skull scarf, Alexander McQueen presents an exclusive collaboration with Damien Hirst. The iconic skull scarf has been a signature accessory of the house first seen in the

Vintage Applique

Mandy Pattullo "thread and thrift". This is a collage with piecing, embroidery but no quilting.