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Inspired by...Spain

Mediterranean Staircase Mediterranean Staircase Save Email Hand painted tiles on stair risers. These stair risers are covered with colorful Catalina style tiles, which combine glossy and matte finishes. This adds wonderful depth to the patterns.

Arabian Nights I by John Douglas

Arabian Nights I by John Douglas -- It's a print though. And I wonder why he calls it "Arabian nights" since those tiles are not at all arabian. More Spanish, or Mexican or Italian.

Art by Laila Shawa. Women with hamsas/Hands of Fatimas, which symbolize God's protection.

measure-of-intent: “Laila Shawa, Hands of Fatima, 1989 Oil on canvas ”


Nathalie Du Pasquier: Don’t Take These Drawings Seriously


cookedheads: “ “ Fig 11 Plate XIII ‘Studies in Design’, Christopher Dresser, 1876 © Victoria and Albert Museum, London (NAL ” “there’s a difference between knowing something is okay as is.

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