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Inspired by...Spain

I love Spanish and Italian tile - Hand painted tiles on stair risers. These stair risers are covered with colorful Catalina style tiles, which combine glossy and matte finishes. This adds wonderful(Cool Designs Stairs)

Arabian Nights I by John Douglas

Arabian Nights I by John Douglas -- It's a print though. And I wonder why he calls it "Arabian nights" since those tiles are not at all arabian. More Spanish, or Mexican or Italian.


Nathalie Du Pasquier: Don’t Take These Drawings Seriously (detail) Work / Art Memphis co-founder Nathalie du Pasquier’s un-serious book of drawings


cookedheads: “ “ Fig 11 Plate XIII ‘Studies in Design’, Christopher Dresser, 1876 © Victoria and Albert Museum, London (NAL ” “there’s a difference between knowing something is okay as is.