Last week I made a two tier wedding cake for a friend and I decided that it was about time I really mastered getting the right amounts of ingredients for different sized cake tins, rather than doubling and hoping for the best. I got the basic gist of how to work it out from Ruth …

How to adapt a cake recipe for different size tins and a Madeira cake recipe.

Baking The Perfect Madeira Cake

Baking The Perfect Madeira Cake - Lindy's Tips and Recipe

Madeira Cake - Easy Lemon Sponge Cake Recipe Madeira Cake is traditionally a very easy lemon sponge cake recipe, although unlike most…

Deep 6 inch round madeira cake recipe - meadow brown bakery

This deep 6 inch round madeira cake recipe is simple. Madeira cake is stable and great for stacking or carving.

How to Bake Madeira Cake Recipe

How to Bake Madeira Cake

How to bake a moist Madeira cake without the cracked domed top. Before you start mixing the cake batter, prepare your tin. This is very important if you want moist Madeira with flat top.

14" Madeira cake recipe

I seem to have had a lot of enquires recently for a recipe for a Madeira cake. I don’t actually have a tin this big (the one above is a but one of my readers measured the volume of her tin and I calculated the ingredients she would need.