Same place, different time. #epic

Never Forget Ghost's And Tyrants Of History Past, Same place, different time. will history repeat?

Double exposure

Thank Me Later is an image manipulation project by Belgian Graphic Designer Maxime Quoilin aka remainsteadfast. Both excellent use of negative space and texture keep us staring at these images forever.

Cutting sections of your photos and rotating them around to make multiple images within an image

Image Based Design- The artist focused in on the eye and emphasizes that by causing a ripple effect in the center of the picture. Mapping 2013 – editorial design layout with circles

Cubism by cody.rooney- really like this cut and paste style of contemporary photography cubism

Cubism By Cody Rooney. Really like how he has made the contemporary style of photography by using the form of cubism. It also has quite a surreal feel to the image as well.

David Hockney - This mural is made up of photographs. Even though the photos don't go together they still look really effective together. As I do photography I could take the photos, put them together and paint them.

David Hockney photo collage of a chair - Hockney shows how several viewpoints can be combined within the one photo montage to create an image that is intriguing and cohesive, despite the distorted perspective.

David Hockney "Mother" Great Examples of "Joiners" here

David Hockney, Mother: another manipulated-photo work of art. Hockney is the originator of this technique. *LINK to Cubism*

David Hockney. Celia's Children Albert+George Clark

After viewing the work of David Hockney, students in the Introduction to Photography class will attempt a composite photographic “grid” using the subject or theme of their choice.