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FROG: DIY recycle reuse upcycle ~ looks like little tree frog knows how to work those skills! ~~~ Singing in the rain: this ingenious little tree frog uses a leaf as an umbrella in Jember, East Java ~ Photograph: Penkdix Palme /Newsteam

Funny pictures about Rats with their teddy bears. Oh, and cool pics about Rats with their teddy bears. Also, Rats with their teddy bears.

a mouse in a sweater. i repeat, a mouse in a sweater. This is to cute!<<<<<<<this is NOT a MOUSE in a sweater. Correction, this is a Chinese hamster in a sweater. And it is not too cute. It is JUST.

The docile, calm and floppy nature of the Ragdoll is a characteristic thought to be passed down from the Persian and Birman breeds. Opinions vary as to whether this trait might be the result of genetic mutation.

The Most Epic List of Awesome Animal Photos Ever: Pictures!: These 20 funny animals who think they're people

Teacup Pig Eating Ice Cream at a Baby Picnic Table with a Baby Umbrella=love!