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Chalkboard menu in a restaurant

ginandbird: in the “what i want to be when i grow up (incarnation as it will be my career change)” category… i want to have a neighborhood restaurant… with a simple daily menu… where the waitstaff have to rely on guest interaction to get the order right…


The latest restaurant trends in an infographic. Big picture numbers for the restaurant industry are not necessarily a reflection of your local commun

The Steampunk restaurant menu...awesome!

One Shot Coffee House in Philly- LOVE the brown craft paper roll (above the window) as their menu. Wish I could figure out how to use it in our home~!

Restaurant Menu Board Inspiration.

Whenever I'm in Brooklyn Heights, I head straight to the Iris Café for a bit of back-to-the-earth sustenance. New York called it the Best Cafe o

#dessert #dessert #dessert

Red, white and blue strawberries. What an adorable idea! Dip strawberries in white chocolate and let set. Then, you get some red adn bue colored chocolates, melt them and drizzle them with a toothpick back and forth across the strawberry. Love this!