Ten Vegetables You Can Grow in Shade: Salad Greens Broccoli Cauliflower Peas Beets Brussels Sprouts Radishes Swiss Chard Leafy Greens, such as collards, mustard greens, spinach, and kale Beans

Portland Oregon Garden Tour | Shade Garden | This is Darcy Daniels' garden in Portland, Oregon -- photo by Kate McMillan of cultiverity.com

Shade garden, photo by Kate McMillan, taken in Darcy Daniels' garden, Portland Oregon Garden Tour

What can you grow in a permaculture food garden that's mostly shaded?.

Growing food in the shade - What can you grow in a permaculture food garden that’s mostly shaded? An important permaculture principle is to plant things where they are going to do their best.

Carnegie Hill garden by Nelson Byrd Woltz

Carnegie Hill House, NY by Nelson Byrd Woltz.Black locust timber slabs take you to an oversized woven chair (the ‘nest’) surrounded by ferns. Opposite, orthogonal pavers lead to a re-circulating fountain bringing sound and movement into the garden.

Modern Country Style: Hydrangeas, Topiary And Boxwood

"The hydrangeas are the Grace Kelly to their Fred Astaire. Together: perfection. Modern Country Style: Hydrangeas, Topiary And Boxwood In The Modern Country Garden Click through for details.

Buxus, Agapanthus & Silver Birch

Appealing Ornamental Grasses Garden With White Flowers And Green Plantations Near Interesting Pathway And Wooden Deck Beside Dark Fence Fresh Ornamental Grasses Garden with Relaxing Harmony Sensation Garden

random-shaped flagstones and Mind your own business groundcover

DIY garden path with random-shaped flagstones and ground cover plants as filler- my side yard maybe