"Make Art, Not War" by Shepard Fairey. This piece is near and dear to my heart. Indeed, I will continue to make art.

☯☮ॐ American Hippie Psychedelic Art ~ Make Art Not War - OBEY Shepard Fairey street artist . revolution OBEY style, street graffiti, illustration and design posters ~

Crying woman (1937) by Pablo Picasso. Qué profunda tristeza siento al contemplarlo! !! There's a movement of cubism in this piece this is because of the use geometry on this works in which was build up with the use of shapes to create this view. Also the use of colour made this piece look lively.

From Goya to Picasso: Spanish art at Scotland's National Gallery

Picasso's Weeping Woman Pablo Picasso, Weeping Woman, oil on canvas. The Tate, London From the Tate London website: “ One of the worst atrocities of the Spanish Civil War was the bombing of the.

Self Portrait - Picasso, c.1900 So interesting. I would have never thought Picasso looked like this.

Self-Portrait, 1900 Pablo Picasso; the simplicity of the sketch but also the labored eyes, the cheekbones and planes of the face are gorgeous

Shepard Fairey's OWS Poster: The Rise And Fall of Hope:

The Trials And Tribulations of Shepard Fairey's OWS Poster

Shepard Fairey Designs 'Occupy Hope' Poster, Replaces Obama's Face With 'V for Vendetta' Mask

Maurizio Anzeri

Maurizio Anzeri This is a perfect Inspiration for the GCSE question on Disguises

Peter Howson drypoint called 'Barking' made in 1998 from the 'Underground Series'.

PERSONALITY - Peter Howson drypoint called 'Barking' made in 1998 from the 'Underground Series'.

Maurizio Anzeri

Brillant collaboration between Richard Burbridge, Robbie Spencer and Maurizio Anzeri for Dazed and Confused issue June Cool fashion photography + embroidery on top of the pictures.

Broken 1000 Faces no. 391 - Personal Project by artist Takahiro Kimura

Broken 1000 Faces is a personal illustration project by artist Takahiro Kimura. The project started in As t