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Harry Potter Forever

:*( Literally was 13 years of my life, from reading the book in 1998 for the first time, to watching the last movie. So sad.

Story of my life.

We are the HP generation. This makes me sad and happy at the same time. :) My dad bought me my HP book. This made me tear up.

Every scar has a story to tell...

scars of harry potter. I love this, but I wish the scene in book 5 where Ron was attacked by the brains in the Department of Mysteries was included in the movie so his picture could be here. He has scars just like these.

Fanart of the trio's scars - Harry's are from Umbridge and Voldemort, Ron's are from the brains in the Dept of Mysteries, Hermione's is from Bellatrix.

The Trio’s Scars… Harry Potter lightning bolt scar. Hermione Granger mudblood scar on her arm. Ron Weasley arm scars from the Mystery Department and Ministry of Magic

Sassy Hermione

Pinner before: Sassy Hermione.interestingly enough these are some of my favorite Hermione quotes

Black Sisters

I love how they all wear black but andromeda wears white, showing she didn't stick to the black family traditions.

Harry Potter cast win. "...morning" FOR THE WIN

The cast of Harry Potter discussing their favorite lines :) Oh George.that's pretty much one of my favorite lines from Part 1