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Before I die

Before I die: London [] Paris [ ] Venice [ ] LA [] NY [ ] Washington [ ] Amsterdam [ ] Las Vegas [] Beijing [ ] Athens [ ] Sydney [ ] Cape Town [ ] San Francisco [ ] Rome [ ]

Watch My Children Get Married | Bucket List

i WILL watch my kids get married, and i can't wait for the day my husband let's go of his daughter and hands her to her prince charming. i know mike will tear inside!


if only i had somewhere to dress like this, love the whole outfit down to the toes! Stunning Stripped Mid Dress White Blouse and Heels Summer Look

Miss Beauty: How to look good without makeup

How To Look Good Without Makeup. Solid tinted moisturizer with SPF. Vitamin C: Hot cup of lemon water. Dont touch your face.

Have my own personal library in my house ✔ With a swinging ladder like belle had in beauty and the beast