Reynold Art Deco Font ❤ liked on Polyvore

Fluid Geometric with a dash of Egyptian influence, which was also big at that time. Not to flowery or curlicue-ish, which I like. Reynold Art Deco Font ❤ liked on Polyvo

Simple Blessings

I love to day dream.always on an to snuggle in my the starry skies.

Herbie, the newest typeface born out of the mind of Morten Iveland of Infamous Foundry, is a beautiful display typeface based on the geometric lines and circles of Herb Lubalin’s work in the late 60′s and early 70′s.

Herbie Herbie is a uppercase display font with alternates on every character (lowercase), based only on circles and geometric lines. Herbie is inspired by, as the name might indicate, Herb Lubalin's work and the decorative style and kerning of his era. >> art deco font, from book on Lettering Art, ca. 1920 - 1930

One of the Art Deco Fonts from a book about the Art of Handlettering for decoration and window display. Published in the end of the or the (Modèles de lettres modernes par Georges Léculier & Nouvel album d’enseignes à l’usage des peintres par L.

Louisa May Alcott "Little Women" Not Afraid of Storms Quote, Hand-Lettered Print (via Design Mom)

"I am not afraid of storms, for I am still learning to sail my ship" - Louisa May Alcott, Little Women (Art I Heart: by Emily McDowell)

numbers numbers numbers. to-live-with

My heart skips a beat when I see this many woodblock letters together. Weathered Beach Numbers by Typography Photography.

Free Font Friday: 14 Free Retro Fonts A little part of all of us love retro designs. We love the nostalgia of the past and how eras of different past decades r

44 Free Retro Fonts for Vintage Designs

Christmas gift tags

Penmanship tags currently on sale through Anthropologie; use a sewing machine, red and blue thread and some nice cardstock.

Creating retro style design is not as hard as it may seem. However, in order to get it right there are some classic elements required such as using colors and illustrations from the 1940-50’ies. In addition, the typography in retro style is often bold and with thick shadows or characteristic old fashion script style. It is a good idea to look for some retro font before you get started.

I wouldn't have wanted to create this pattern! I am so spoiled with Illustrator CC's pattern making tool :) - Scott Hansen aka aka Tycho, limited edition giclee.