Daisy nails.

We love this daisy nail design! Flowers are moving into all areas of hair and beauty and we absolutely love it!


Who else here is obsessed with Starbucks. Or who else gets offended when people say "What is the point of Starbucks". Here are the nails for the girl who's Starbucks is StarBae

Hello, fall nail color.

We’re totally over the moon with this week’s Burgundy Chevron Half Moon mani by Check out the seductive design that uses fall’.

42 Halloween-Inspired Nail Looks That Are Cute AF

Ice Cream Nails

I dont normally like cutesy things, but I actually like this. Do pastel blues, purples, and pinks on the fingers with pale green thumbs

Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight inspired nail art via Sonialicious

Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight Spring Nail Art [TUTORIAL]

Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight Inspired Spring Nail Art Tutorial - 11 Vibrant Nail Art Tutorials that Scream Summer

Decorating nails is an incredible art! But have you ever wondered how such a small canvas can look so creative and how big impact it can have on the whole

100 Most Popular Spring Nail Colors of 2017 - Page 11 of 100

Valentine's Day Nails.♡

Guest Post: Key to My Heart design by Manic Talons - Chickettes- Valentine's Day maybe

Halloween Nail Art Design #nailart #nails #halloweennails #nailartdesign

Halloween nail designs are different from the regular patterns; their theme must be mysterious and spooky. Halloween nail designs complete the overall look.