Ian Murphy - Architectural Studies in Sketchbook

Ian Murphy - Architectural Studies in Sketchbook I like the use of ink and drawing to create this piece and the annotations next to it

Architectural Watercolors by Maja Wrońska

You can feel the sun setting with this sketch: Architectural Watercolors by Maja Wronska watercolor painting architecture

Venetian Scroll » Ian Murphy Paintings

WHO: Ian Murphy Paintings WHAT: Venetian Scroll WHY: I like the use of colour to create the loo of texture. I also like the shapes with the colour which creates a focal point

Valery Koshlyakov. High-rise on Raushskaya Embankment

Artist: Valery Koshlyakov - Title: High-rise on Raushskaya Embankment - Materials/Techniques used: Carboard, and Tempera paint - Inspires, Why? The different technqiues used and how it is placed is cool

Ian Murphy

WHO: Ian Murphy WHY: i liked the tones in the picture and the subtle colours in the picture. I also liked the shapes to create a focal point