Contemporary Paper Art with white on white decoupage // Joey Bates: I like the way the artist has created texture with the use of lots of different layers making the piece pop out from the paper.

Tullulah Bankhead By: Giles Oldershaw, English printmaker and artist. cardboard This piece is a great example of shape.  Shapes are created to make a face with high/lowlights. I love this piece. It's beautifully crafted.

Cardboard Portraits - Cardboard relief portraits created from ordinary cardboard boxes by Giles Oldershaw, intricately exacto'd into stunning multi-dimentional and textured images.

BOVEY LEE, Sawing Waves, 2012 Cut paper, Chinese xuan (rice) paper on silk

Paper Cut Works by Bovey Lee

BOVEY LEE, Sawing Waves, 2012 Cut paper, Chinese xuan (rice) paper on silk 26 × 24 in × cm. High school: make a cut paper silhouette out of a favourite painting.


Rather than simply throwing away a cardboard box, artist Giles Oldershaw redesigns the discarded packaging he comes across as creative, layered portraits.



cut paper portrait

An interesting art series by Joey Bates, who hand cuts paper sheets and layers them to give dimension to each object or human figure. His goal is to make the images just as fluid and expressive as his graphite drawings.

Sara.2012 - Gabriel Moreno

Sara Sheets: cm Paper: cm Technique: Etching printed to poupee Michel Archer paper 240 grs. Limited Edition of 50 Signed and numbered by hand Price: Do as a wax resist print with different colours

Joey Bates - Hemlock | 2010 | Cut paper | 16" x 22"

Joey Bates created these paper cut pieces back and I’m kind of upset that its taken me this.


I like this variations of Gabriel Moreno's illustrations, although he primarily uses a brighter red, I really like the combination of darker tones on top and subtle brighter shades below.