"TheTeletubbies say goodnight"♡☆Xx (This was played at the end of Ryans funeral) Mummy loves you so so much chicken♡☆Xx

I loved watching teletubbies i watched every show and i had a stuffed animal of the red one named Po.

People say i remind them of rosie...a lifeless doll? (rosie and jim)

Rosie and Jim, Rosie and Jim Chugging along on the old Ragdoll Rosie and Jim, Rosie and Jim and John he steers the boat! Can't believe I still remember all the words

1997--PBS-- Teletubbies Named Dipsy (Lime Green), Tinky Winky (Purple), Laa-Laa (Yellow), and Po (Red

Teletubbies Named Dipsy (Lime Green) [Leah], Tinky Winky (Purple) [Eliz], Laa-Laa (Yellow) [Sarah], and Po (Red) [RuthAnn]. with height in reverse order!


Funny pictures about Teletubbie Confrontation. Oh, and cool pics about Teletubbie Confrontation. Also, Teletubbie Confrontation photos.

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