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This is oddly accurate for my best friend, boyfriend and me. Im an Aries>>virgo>> pisces>>> omg Libra is spot on

holy whoa! just do this, drag the map around and you'll see....

I was told that this is Hermione and Victor Krum are in the sky, but I didn't see that. However, there is something SUPER creepy in the sky. Once you get to the street view, look in the sky to your left. What is that?

The Harvest party (3/3) by MaripazVillar ----------------- Oh glob!! I ship it!! I ship it so bad!!!

The Harvest party by MaripazVillar ----------------- Oh glob! I ship it! I ship it so bad!

I don't really care for Harry potter, I'm all about the twilight life!!

I like both series the same way. Harry Potter a little more than Twilight, but I would like to live with the Cullens. I'd LOVE to be a Vampire.

I love these too much!!! two of my favorite things combined :)))))))

This is the best page ever for Mean Girls/Harry Potter funnies. Especially if you need a good laugh.

Wrong , that's Aaron that katiensits behind in math class

I know people who think Glen Coco is a girl. Glen Coco is one of my favorite characters of all time. Barely there, but so important. YOU GO GLEN COCO!

20 Of The Best Mean Girls Memes On The Internet

mean girls meets harry potter. regina george would tear hermione apart