open air theater and rain water collector // conceptual urban design by paisajes emergentes

Open air theater and rain water collector. Hollowed out in the field, allows you to create a dam for storing rainwater. When empty it can be used for open air theatre. Estudio de Arquitectura y Paisaje. Architecture and landscape studio.

Good vs. bad urban design

bad urban design Learn about this. add little blurbs with pointers to why each is where it is on the scale of badness of urband design On another add whether you disagree and what your favorites of urban design are and why, and with support

Bus stop seat

[61 pictures] UFUNK – Week End Selection n°75

The latest design of bus stop this and looking forward to seeing it on Sunday Tap our link now!

BW photo - Retro City Planning

The Los Angeles City Planning Department is embarking on one of the City’s largest planning initiatives to date: re:code LA, a comprehensive.

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