Home Theater Projectors Tips and Guides

Undoubtedly, using a projector in a home theater is more complicated than buying a big-screen TV. But, no pain, no gain. If you want to take your home theater…
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a computer monitor with the words how to connect your projector to multiple device devices
Effortlessly Connect Your Projector to Multiple Devices
Discover 5 easy ways to connect your home theater projector to multiple devices and enhance your viewing experience!
an info sheet with the names and numbers of different types of lighting fixtures in each room
ANSI Lumens Room Type Guidelines for Different Projector Types
Before buying a projector, you must consider the type of room you will use. The ANSI lumen rating of a projector tells you how bright it will be and, therefore, how well it will display in various room conditions. Get the best one for your room to avoid disappointment.
a projector with the words home theater projector 101 for beginners on it
Beginners Guide to Home Theater Projectors: Everything you Need to Know
Ready to upgrade your home theater experience with a projector? Our beginner's guide to home theater projectors will walk you through the process of setting up and selecting the right projector for your space.
Are short-throw projectors any good? Theater Tips, Short Throw Projector, Small Room, Small Rooms, The Dream
Are short-throw projectors any good?
Short throw projectors are good for small rooms. If you have a small room than you can achieve the dream of home theater by this projector. Read and know why it is good for you.