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Sorry Victoria.

Every time. "Your bra strap is showing. That's because I wear a bra.

Well...yeah, cant argue with that

Signs are the most important help drivers in driving. But are these signs of some help? At least those signs can help you, because they will certainly make you laugh

I'm not at all concerned for our future generations... www.jeffreymarkell.com #orangecountyrealtor #luxury #funnystuff

Funny pictures about The irony is glorious. Oh, and cool pics about The irony is glorious. Also, The irony is glorious.


A funny sign saying to stop stealing our letters or quit swiping them in this desperate plea comedy picture and humor pic.

Well . . . except for that. We can't repair that.

Funny pictures about We can repair anything. Oh, and cool pics about We can repair anything. Also, We can repair anything.

WEIRD NEWS: Weird and Funny Signs Boards Around the world

These hilarious photos of funny street signs are a true humor treasure. Lots of funny traffic signs, street and road names for you to enjoy

Nearing the end of life's journey ? ⚰️☑️

Are herds of elderly people such a big problem in this area that it warranted a warning sign? Apparently, they are migrating towards to the cemetery?