The "Horse Phase" comic

So funny and cute.and also so true! I guess I just never grew out of my obsessed with horses phase.

Mystic Warrior and his Mum,Sequoia.  She is a 17 hh Appaloosa & The sire is a Reg Fresian Stallion named "Thor"..Mystic should finish at a min of 17 hh..

Mystic Warrior Friesian + Appaloosa) and his Dam. This colt's appearance changed dramatically as he matured to look a lot more like his mother, with darker spots.

Dump by E_a_s_y Erika | InspireFirst

These are some beautiful animal character desgins by the Russian artist Erika Tcogoeva. We are a big fan of her illustration style and the fact that she managed to give all the animals their own personality.