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3D laser-etched acrylic zoetrope

How to do laser-etched acrylic zoetrope

Un tourniquet d’écrans pour une projection 3D

An artist, Benjamin Muzzin, plugged together two digital displays and rotated them at high speeds to create art.

L'artiste et designer japonais Akinori Goto vient de dévoiler un étonnant zootrope transparent imprimé en 3D, qui laisse apparaître des silhouettes de dan

Toki Dancers – Un étonnant zootrope transparent imprimé en

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We've rounded up great new magical realism books to read this summer. Let reality fall away with these fanciful, bewitching tales!

On the Creative Market Blog - DSLR Cheatsheet for Beginners

If your new to the game of photography; this quick reference will help you get familiar with some of the common terms you'll run across. Original caption: The Ultimate DSLR Cheat Sheet For Beginners - UltraLinx