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a skillet filled with fish and vegetables next to pita bread on a table
Salmon and Chard Curry
My go-to salmon curry recipe adapted from a Meera Sodha recipe. Crisp up the salmon skin to serve on the side (optional but recommended).
Slow cooked tandoori chicken in chapati rolls Chicken, Grilling, Slow Cooker, Garam Masala, Masala, Mango, Slow, Ethnic Recipes, Tandoori Chicken
Slow Cooked Tandoori Chicken
Slow cooked and grilled tandoori chicken served in chapatis with raita and mango chutney.
Chicken tikka, lime wedges, paratha, bhajis, yoghurt and chilli sauce Food Styling, Inspiration, Chicken Tikka, Yum Yum Chicken, Indian Chicken, Tikka Recipe, Mutton Recipes, Indian Food Recipes
Dishoom's Chicken Tikka
Easy, delicious chicken tikka with charred, crispy skin.
Dish of paneer sweet and sour madras with rice and cashews
Patak's Sweet and Sour Madras Paneer Curry
A vegetarian version of Patak's wonderful Indo-Chinese Chilli Chicken recipe.
a bowl filled with food sitting on top of a blue table cloth next to two spoons
Tarka Dal
The garlicky yellow dal found in Indian restaurants, made with two tarkas.
two black bowls filled with soup and garnished with cilantro on top
Dishoom's House Black Daal in an Instant Pot
Dishoom's iconic daal cooked in an Instant Pot.
there are two wraps on the plate ready to be eaten
Egg Kati Roll
A spinach and tomato omelette wrapped in a fresh, warm paratha with optional paneer and avocado.
two bowls filled with meat and vegetables next to rice, lettuce and pita bread
Dishoom's Lamb Pepper Fry
Dishoom's Lamb Pepper Fry has a rich, thick, fiery sauce made with dried chillies and black pepper.
a stack of bacon, lettuce and cheese sandwiches on a white plate with a glass of ketchup
Dishoom's Bacon Naan Roll
Dishoom's famous bacon naan roll. The best breakfast I've ever eaten.
some food is in a metal bowl on a table with silverware and utensils
Dishoom Inspired Paneer Ruby
A vegetarian version of Dishoom's Chicken Ruby using paneer.
two bowls filled with food sitting on top of a gray countertop next to each other
Dishoom's House Black Daal
A daal like no other. This isn’t a quick recipe but if you can spare the time you won’t be disappointed
a pot filled with meat and cranberries on top of a table
Dishoom's Chicken Ruby
A sublime and satisfying chicken curry.
two bowls filled with food next to each other on top of a white countertop
Sweet and sour madras chicken curry
A gorgeous Indian-Chinese dish from Patak’s. A cross between a Madras curry and sweet and sour chicken.
a pot filled with food sitting on top of a stove next to a wooden spoon
Tomato and Lentil Dhal recipe
Tomato And Lentil Dhal