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two glass jars filled with chocolate chips on top of a white plate next to a bottle of liquor
Hotel Chocolat Inspired Amaretto-Soaked Sultanas
Amaretto-soaked sultanas and crunchy almond pieces, covered in milk chocolate. Inspired by the small, expensive but wonderful tubs from Hotel Chocolat.
there is a bowl of chocolate and a bottle of alcohol on the table next to it
Hotel Chocolat Inspired Chocolate-Covered Mango
Recreate Hotel Chocolat's 70% dark chocolate-coated mango pieces. If you'd prefer a non-alcoholic version use mango juice instead of fruit liqueur.
Dark chocolate covered mango, passionfruit liqueur
Hotel Chocolat Inspired Chocolate Covered Mango
Recreate Hotel Chocolat's 70% dark chocolate coated mango pieces. Booze optional.
some food is sitting on a wooden platter with two spoons and one bowl
Pitta Bread Crisps with Olive Tapenade
Savoury crisps made from wholemeal pitta bread with optional tapenade.