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Originally developed as a medical pack for a US Special Operations unit, this pack can easily be adapted for use as a range bag, E&E pack, or 1 day pack. Features include hydration compartment, padded shoulder straps, 5 external pockets and compression straps. exterior dimensions: 18.5 x 9 x 8 Non-Standard Non-Stocking items have been designed by FirstSpear at the request of Professional Users to meet a unique mission set. Limited quantities and colors available.

Ultimate bugout bag for garrett. Multi-Purpose 1 day pack ( FirstSpear is a brand created by former U. servicemen, they develop enhanced light-weight load carriage solutions for the US Special Forces )


16 Family Feud Answers That Caused Steve Harvey To Lose Faith In Humanity. Survey says.we're doomed.

A portable hot tub you can take on your travels!

A portable hot tub you can take on your travels! Reminds me of how fire fighters set up a similar portable water reservoir if fighting a fire in a rural area, away from fire hydrants, etc.

Pour Technique

The "pouring" technique I used in my April Fools photo got more traction than the actual photo, ha! So I made up this little mad science setup to show it in better detail.