Amy Eisenfeld Genser Reef-3 This artist works with acrylic and paper - but what a wonderful idea for polymer clay!

Amy Eisenfeld Genser

Natural Maps: Recreated Coral Reef Art by Amy Eisenfeld Genser. Connecticut-based artist Amy Eisenfeld Genser recently completed a new series of coral reefs that she painstakingly recreates using rolled bits of paper and acrylic paint.

Carol Walker, Float, 8x10", 2009 #fiber art #embroidery Zon of maan met stralen of sterren, GAAF.

Carol Walker - Float, embroidery on blue Belgian linen. Commercial cotton, netting and salvaged velvet. Metallic and cotton flosses.

Free fabric collage tutorial CAROLYN SAXBY MIXED MEDIA TEXTILE ART

free textiles fabric collage tutorial - layer up silk cotton and paper with machine embroidery hand stitching and interesting embellishments - Carolyn Saxby Mixed Media Textile Art


Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Louise Watson - ITCHY FINGERS TEXTILES embroidery and mixed natural media create this small textile art tapestry of a rock pool tips for sea scape fiber pictures