Mini water cycles using a rotisserie container

Hands-on Water Cycle Fun!

- Corkboard Connections: Mini Water Cycle Fun using a rotisserie chicken container, rock, grass, and a pond made from aluminum foil filled with water

Does it Dissolve? Kids Science Experiment

Does it Dissolve? Kids Science Experiment

Great Science notebook!  No downloads, but a very visual idea of how to notebook the changing states of matter and magnetism.

Grade with Mrs. Wade: Science Notebooking-Matter-- Could be easily adapted for middle schoolers!

Take your squishy circuits 3D! In the "Electric Play Dough Project 3: Light Up Your Sculptures!" #science project, students make and use conductive and insulating dough to create a three-dimensional sculpture that lights up. [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject

Science Buddies website: offers fantastic, simplistic background info on circuits and using conductive dough. Be sure to also check out their and post on this topic linked in red under background info.

Homemade Play Dough Circuits - using conductive and non-conductive homemade playdough. Looks fun!

Homemade Playdough Circuits: learn about simple electrical circuits with dough that easily connects to wires!

Here's a simple fact sheet on how we see things. Includes a helpful glossary.

fact sheet to support the teaching of this topic One side includes key information with picture support and clearly printed text while the other side has a glossary of appropriate vocabulary.