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there are four mugs and two cookies on the counter next to eachother
Four Dip Glaze Mugs - Grey - Kitchen
The perfect collection for everyday and occasional dining, our new dip glaze dinnerware has been beautifully crafted in two different colours and includes everything you need to update your dinnerware. Hand made from porcelain clay, each piece in our collection features a rustic textured bisque finish that varies from piece to piece and a polished dip glazed top. The cool grey glaze on each piece contrasts with the textured unglazed base to create an eye-catching look. Our set of four grey g...
a wooden tray topped with lots of spoons and spatulas on top of a table
Ceramic love: Suzanne Sullivan
Suzanne Sullivan| ceramic tools | I wonder if it would be possible to do these yourself with some clay on top of wire to hold their shape and not brake when used?
three wooden spoons with white and brown handles
Food Blogger – Healthy Eating with Ashley Milk
White dipped spoons
nine blue and white bowls sitting on top of a cloth covered table next to each other
elephant ceramics
Elephant ceramics for milk farm road
there is a plate with spoons, plates and utensils on the wall
Gorgeous greens for Magasin - COCO LAPINE DESIGN
a table topped with lots of white plates
Ceramic bowls & plates with gold rims. By Laura Letinsky.
a stack of white bowls sitting on top of a table
small plates
white dishes and cups are arranged in a bowl
A collection by London based potter Billy Lloyd
three white coffee mugs sitting next to each other on a marble countertop,
Pleasingly tactile: a collection of oatmeal porcelain mugs and jugs by Nicola Tassie
two cups and a teapot sitting on a table
Dry Black Flower Teacup, Akiko Hirai | Luxury Handmade Craft
Dobin teapot and teacups by London based potter Akiko Hirai
shelves filled with plates and bowls on wooden shelves
Websupport - | Apache Cluster
House of Rym, the store. Stockholm/Sweden. - Different way to make an adjustable shelving unit
two white coffee mugs sitting next to each other
Céramique japonaise - MilK Decoration
tableware 5