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INFP-T When a Gemini is hurt, they won't let you know. They'll put on their best smile and try to move on. Oh I will move on not try. because they don't want you to feel like you have to stop everything to help us.

Might be true.

Gemini - May 21 - June 21 - Astrology - Geminis have a habit of annoying people just for the fun of it. - Hahahaha, is that me? Noooooo, not at all. :P << No, me either!


For all their talk, Geminis are surprisingly shy. Well yes I am, Well Maybe

Gemini gemini... When we are quiet... That's never a good sign!

Gemini can be very quiet around people they don't like. That's what I do most of the times. so true


Gemini- this is true to an extent. We let those that are closest to us see or know what's going on. I've had ppl tell my Mom that they didn't even realize I dealt with depression bc I always seemed so happy. Pretty much my family see how it affects me!

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