I: The Unexpected Wedding Guest by Aimee Carson

Getting caught in her wedding dress by her drop-dead-gorgeous ex-husband Mason Hicks is Reese Michael's worst nightmare. Especially when her perfect-on-paper fiancé then cancels their wedding!... Due out in July from Harlequin KISS... Check out our board for sneak peeks of this fabulous first book in our Wedding Season quartet in which Mr All Wrong Mason turns up on the eve of Reese's perfect wedding to Mr Right!
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Dylan, the groom... Smooth, gorgeous, perfect.... A bit too perfect: “Did he tell you why he was here?” Dylan asked.  Reese avoided Mason’s gaze. “He said he wants closure.”  “Sounds reasonable to me,” Dylan said.  Reasonable?  Wide-eyed with disbelief, she said, “Right now the only kind of closure I want is the kind that comes with a slamming door, preferably with Mason on the other side.” #HarlequinKISS #romance #sexy #hotguys

McDreamy (Greys Anatomy), Patrick Dempsey >>Loved him.remember him from back in 1987 the movie "Can't Buy Me Love"?

Oops: .  “I thought it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress,” Mason said.   As always, the man elicited a piercing surge of irritation that was impressive. Because it was his fault that she was standing here in a torrent of tulle netting.  Steam had to be coming from her ears. “But doesn’t rank anywhere near the catastrophe of an ex-husband showing up just days before the ceremony,” she said.  “The timing definitely sucks,” Dylan said. #HarlequinKISS #romance…

Know it's the directions she was given, but as brides go, she looks kind of Angry Bird

Because there, both shirtless, bodies damp from exertion, were her ex-husband and her future husband…playing basketball. #HarlequinKISS #romance #hotguys

Because there, both shirtless, bodies damp from exertion, were her ex-husband and her future husband…playing basketball.

Kensington Hall... The 250-room estate where Reese's dream wedding is all set to go, until there's a slight hitch! #HarlequinKISS #romance #settings

An American castle.The Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC. When I was a child I said I was going to grow up and buy this place. It's an amazing house. I was fascinated by the kitchen and the views! Not to mention the gardens.

Reese ready for her dream wedding to Dylan... When Mason turns up! His brow crinkled in doubt as he fingered the netting at her thighs. “And the dress is a bit much, don’t you think?”   The intricately beading on the bodice was beautiful, though the tulle skirt was fuller than she’d intended, floating around her legs like an ethereal dream. But the gown made her feel beautiful. Made her feel special. Just like Dylan did.  In the end, Mason had made her feel like dirt. #HarlequinKISS #romance

Celebrity Wedding Style: Reese Witherspoon opted for a blush pink wedding dress. Love her wedding dress.

Reese has spent years trying to forget how her marriage to Mason Hicks crashed and burned--yes, their chemistry was incredible, but a girl can't live on lust alone! And what's a jilted bride supposed to do when the one man she could never forget is back in her life, as irresistible as ever? Mason might be her own personal brand of Kryptonite, but surely life is meant to be lived a little dangerously...? #HarlequinKISS #romance #novel

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