Health@Work special edition

HRreview is running a special edition and week-long focus on employee health! In our special edition download and throughout this week, we bring you the latest thinking from a range of experts and experienced practitioners on what we feel are some of the key health at work issues in 2015. Go to to find out more
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Dr Nick Summerton: Reducing the ramifications of chronic pain and MSDs

A researcher believes the ideal office would allow employees to work in both a sitting and standing position

Ann McCracken: How to position wellbeing as business critical and getting buy-in

Absence and presenteeism are costing UK business millions every year, but who is really responsible for employee health and what is the benefit of buying into a wellbeing scheme?

Yvonne Humphries: Sitting is the new smoking

Podcast: Remote Employment - An Alternative To Outsourcing

Joanne Boyle: The Kaltoft decision – implications in a modern workplace

With obesity in the UK becoming a rising concern, HR departments need to be aware of the potential legal risks associated with the treatment of severely overweight staff and the implications this can have on the business.

Lauren Booker: Dealing with alcohol misuse at work

Staff hangovers might seem like a superficial issue among health and safety policies but the number of companies who have introduced a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol demonstrates the potential dangers of ‘legal highs’.

Dr Gordon Wishart: How cancer will affect your business – and what you can do about it

Cancer is predicted to affect one in two people at some point in their lifetime by which means a significant likelihood that it will impact upon employees and businesses. Dr Gordon Wishart explains how to deal with the implications for your workforce.

More support for employee well-being tops employer’s election wish list.

Sit or stand when working at your office desk? Well now the choice is yours with this amazing new Ology Height Adjustable Desk available from Hunts Office.

HRreview's focus week on employee health runs from 13-17 April

HRreview's focus week on employee health runs from 13-17 April