Finding Balance / Garance Doré

Changing Lifestyle / Finding Balance

Finding Balance / Garance Doré - I really love her illustrations. Its like a mix somewhere between Egon Schiele and Grau and maybe even Richard Rosenfeld - my own illustration teacher.

Men's fashion illustration

Tracy Turnbull Fashion Illustrations

Tracy Turnbull fashion illustration Let’s get updated with Fashion Illustrator Tracy Turnbull ! Tracy Turnbull based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England. She studied Fashion Design at.

【艺术】韩国Choi Mi Kyung 清新浪漫的插画作品欣赏

Mi-Kyung Choi — worx - Works by Korean illustrator Mi-Kyung Choi, who makes work under the name Ensee.

Really interesting and amazing intracit design

Trendy fashion illustrations and drawings by untitled-07

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