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a room with arcade machines and neon colored lights on the walls, along with brick arches
madrid's 'game on' exhibition celebrates the history of video games with vibrant graphics
a colorful wall with the word converse painted on it's side in front of a building
Converse Arena
several cubes are stacked on top of each other
Branding Design at Corporate Events — Wild Sky Events: Event Design & Production
a hand with a wristband that has beer mugs on it
Mobile Bar Hire & Product Sampling Units | Quirky Group
the stage is set up for an event with balloons and streamers hanging from the ceiling
The Persuaders
people are looking at an atm machine in a museum display area with purple walls and wood paneling
17 Brand Activities That Stood Out at the 2016 New York City Wine & Food Festival
a woman taking a photo in front of a colorful wall
Panorama 2018: How Brands and Artists Engaged Guests Amid Festival Obstacles
an exhibit booth with fake grass and balloons in front of the entrance to instagramm
Facebook Grace Hopper Celebration | Cliveagency.com
two women standing on a stage in front of a colorful backdrop with people looking at them
Refinery29’s 29Rooms: Indulge your social conscience while taking selfies
a group of wooden plaques with drawings on them hanging from the wall next to a sign that says meet the staff
I love that idea – About Designs
a wall with many different colored signs on it's sides and people walking by
McDonald's — Mauk Design
a long hallway with neon lights and signs on the walls that spell out it's time
a tree made out of wicker and balloons
11 juegos hermosos para aquellos que quieren evaluar el fin de semana en casa - My BlogTodo sobre el jardín de infantes
a pink room with lights on the walls and a sign above it that says we create future artists here
a group of colorful poles sitting in front of a white building with numbers on it
Place identity and architectural signage – the best from the UK
three different colored cages are on display in a room with green and pink lights around them
Design Inspiration: See Inside Refinery29's Multi-Sensory Playground