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a woman riding a surfboard on top of a sandy beach next to trees and bushes
Seek Adventure and Support Local
There's a first time for everything, and I believe we should be seeking those out, expanding our horizons. Learn to sandboard, learn to build your own business, learn to explore what you're capable of, because there's more than what we see.
people standing in front of a waterfall with the words chasing waterfalls solo
Solo Adventures in The Philippines
Don't let the fact you're on your own stop you from doing what you want to do! My first day solo in the Philippines and I just had to find the nearest waterfall to experience it for myself....
a wooden chair sitting in front of a white building with a peacock painted on it's side
My Favourite Hotel IN THE WORLD far. Mysore is an incredible city and this hotel and its staff made exploring it 100000 times more amazing! I cannot wait to go back!